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Zephyr Rouge - Luxury Faux Fur 2019

  • $13.00 AUD


16/6/2020: We're on our very last roll of 'ZEPHYR ROUGE' once this roll is all sold , we won't be restocking 'ZEPHYR ROUGE' please act fast if you want some before it's all gone. 

PILE LENGTH: 50 - 55mm (approx. 2")


SIZES AVAILABLE: (via the drop down menu)

Fat 1/8 50cm x 35cm (20" x 14" )  LAST PIECES <<<

Fat 1/4 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28" )  LAST PIECES <<<

Fat 1/2 100cm x 70cm (40" x 28" ) ** SOLD OUT ***

Long 1/2 50cm x 140cm (20" x 55")  ** SOLD OUT ***

NEW SIZING Square METRE 100cm x 100cm (40" x 40")  ** SOLD OUT ***

Lineal METRE (off the roll) 100cm x 140cm (40" x 55") ** SOLD OUT ***


The pile on this incredible fur is very heavy, dense and silky to the touch. It was commissioned to be a slightly more 'blushed' version of our stunning Zephyr fur. (See the photos for comparison between the original 'Zephyr' and the new 'Zephyr Rouge'. The difference between them is really only noticeable when they're placed next to each other).  

This fur has such a gorgeous shine to it that it throws the light differently depending on how it is held, and where it is sitting. The pile is so plush and delightful you will just want to bury your face in it!

As always, if you require a very specific colour, please order a sample piece before purchasing a larger amount  - we have a new sample pack for the newest fabrics available here

I can see this fabric making absolutely stunning teddy bears, as well as wonderful pom poms, a great photography prop for newborn images, a stunning fluffy bedspread, throw rug, costume, fur suit, jacket, trim, doll wig and/or fantasy art dolls. 

The knit backing is a very good quality and only has minimal stretch. 

 (measurements listed are the minimum sizes for each option - sometimes you may end up with a little extra fabric, especially on the full meter option as the width from selvage to selvage varies) 


 ** If you have a custom size piece in mind or a bulk order enquiry, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us for a price.


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