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Waverly - 13" Hand dyed turquoise Butterfly Bear by Emma's Bears - OOAK

  • $420.00 AUD


By Emma and Mark Nicholson

13" (33cm)

Waverly is a stunning little bear with an even more stunning pair of butterfly wings to match his gorgeous hand-dyed turquoise curly kid mohair. His head and belly are cut from an even curlier cream mohair, and his paw and hand pads are cut from hand-dyed turquoise dense alpaca. 

Waverly looks out through big black glass eyes and has a hand embroidered turquoise perle cotton nose. He is fully T-pin jointed and stuffed with a mix of polyfill, steel and glass shot. His foot pads feature our 3D pulled toes with tufts of alpaca between the pads and he has some shading to his face and paws. His gorgeous wings are a mix of blues and aquas that change colour as the light hits them. They are handmade by a Spanish artist who is renowned for her impeccable work and are held in place with an inbuilt pin, so are fully removable. He also wears a silver-tone and blue butterfly necklace that ties in with the colours of the wings. 

Waverly is a one of a kind artist bear. The little friend in his photos has been adopted. 


~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts and potential for damage


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