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Toddler Trinity Claire - 20in MOHAIR Artist toddler style Bear by Emmas Bears - OOAK

  • $540.00

Serenity Louise

By Emma and Mark Nicholson

20" (52cm)

This stunning big girl is one of our older-style 'Toddler' bears (bears that can be dressed in standard baby clothing so you can shop for their outfits yourself). Trinity Claire is made from a lovely long pile straight mohair I've had in my stash for quite some time now, in a warm buttery teddy-yellow colouring. Her nose is hand embroidered in a soft buttery perle cotton to match and she features some chocolate silk-dye shading.

She's fully T-pin jointed and stuffed reasonably well with polyfill, glass and a hint of steel shot weighting (so she's not terribly heavy, just over 2lb in total). Her feet have hand-pulled and shaded toe detailing with tufts of mohair between the pads, but her hands are our fully-furry traditional long-curved style, that sit nicely in her lap.

Trinity wears a very sweet Pumpkin Patch layered cotton dress in size 000 (dress is brand new, still with tags), and wears a matching trio of flowers headband around her head - both fully removable. She comes with her brand new mini giraffe comforter friend and a new 'Thankyou' brand nappy.  

Toddler Trinity Claire is a very detailed and cuddly one of a kind artist bear. 


~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts and potential for damage  ~*~

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