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Pink Lemonade Quilters Cotton

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This gorgeous cotton print fabric is a simple multi-tonal pink print. The simplicity of the print means that it will pair nicely with a variety of other fabric prints, and fur fabrics. I could see this one being used to make the belly scales on our Dragon pattern paired with some funky pink faux fur or mohair, or making cute colourful paw pads, ruffle colars or tutu skirts for bears. 

Available in three sizes:

Fat 1/4m piece (measures 55cm x 50cm)

Fat 1/2m piece (measures 110cm x 50cm)

Full 1m piece (measures 110cm x 100cm)


*** Please note that the quarter-piece sizing is slightly different to fur quarters. Colours will appear differently on different computers and mobile devices. Use the images as a guide only *** 

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