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T-Pin Joint Sets - All Available Sizes

$3.90 AUD
T-Pin Joint Sets - All Available Sizes
T-Pin Joint Sets - All Available Sizes

T-Pin Joint Sets - All Available Sizes

Wooden & Red Board disk joint sets used in jointing the arms, legs and head of teddy bears. It could also be used for jointed dolls, toys and other plush animals. 

(These are the exact same joints I use on my bears. And after years of bear making, this is the hardware I find the easiest to use, and the most versatile. The 'T' aspect of the pin stops it from pulling through the disk like cotter-pins often do when a lot of pressure is placed on them. This also means that you CAN get a very tight joint if you need your bear to be able to stand. You can also get a looser joint that's just as secure, which is perfect for making floppy bears/older style bears.) 

The set contains:
* 10 x wooden / board disks 
* 5 x metal T-pins
* 5 x flat washers (excluding 12, 15, 70 & 90mm sets)

Set comes with instructions and diagram for assembly. 

$3.90 AUD
Tax included.