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Super Curls Sunset - Hand Dyed dense mohair - oversized 1/8m - MAY063

  • $75.00

This is a stunning piece of hand-dyed mohair in a beautiful sunset blend, dyed using our own unique technique to avoid colour-muddying. This 'super curls' mohair is a gorgeous super curly, super DENSE 27mm pile Schulte mohair. Please not that colours may appear differently on your viewing device. We have taken both close up photos, and photos of the whole piece at a distance to try and show all the colour variations. 

Piece measures approx oversize 1/8m in size (approx 68cm x 34cm)


(Example bears have been made from a piece of this exact fur, just with a different dye-style. But they do show how beautifully this mohair makes up). 

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