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String Mohair - Hand Dyed Rainbow Diagonal - Fat 1/4m - JAN021

  • $88.00 AUD

Long String Mohair

52mm Pile - German Mohair

This is a wonderfully unique form of mohair - left in the natural, unbrushed 'string' stage. It gives a heavy, shaggy effect to the pile.

Hand-painted in a pretty multi-tonal blend of clean, bright blending colours. The dyeing process loosens the string a little, but it still retains that lovely shaggy texture.

All of our colours are hand-mixed and it is unlikely we'll ever get the exact same shades again. 

Please refer to the photos for a guide to the colour - please not that colours may appear differently on your viewing device.  Example bears have been made in the exact same mohair, just different dye-batches. 

Only 1 x slightly undersized fat 1/4m piece available - 70cm x 45cm 

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