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Remus - 18" mohair werewolf soft sculpture - OOAK by Emma's Bears

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By Emma and Mark Nicholson
18" (45cm)

Where do I begin with this werewolf!? 

Remus began as a tiny idea that evolved and developed as he slowly came to life in my hands. He is made from three types of mohair from our personal stash - a shaggy frosted dark brown straight pile for the majority of his body and limbs, a matted gold-brown for his belly and tail, and a dense short pile old-gold with a gorgeous sheen for his face, inner ears and paws. 

He looks out through a pair of our hand-painted glass eyes in sparkling gold tones. We've sculpted his eyelids from polymer clay, custom-mixed in a deep brown with flecks of shimmer through it to match the tones in the different mohair. His nose has also been hand-sculpted from the same deep brown polymer clay with subtle shimmer, as have his over-sized claws. 

The claws have been sculpted onto a wire frame for extra strength. This is then wrapped together to become a 'skeleton' for Remus, following up through the centre of his arms and legs, and securely attaching to his cotterpin joints. With hindsight we should have pulled the claws in a little tighter then we did, as there's a touch more movement in them then I wanted. They are secure, but can be wiggled slightly. 

We have also wired his ears and tail - so these body parts can be gently adjusted for different poses. He is also fully 5-way jointed, but due to the ridiculous size of his feet he is unable to stand. We've stuffed him well and given him quite a bit of steel shot weighting as well, so he's a hefty little fellow. 

Remus has tiny little teeth, cut from off-white ultra suede and sewn carefully in place with tiny stitching. His ripped and shredded shirt has been hand dyed a mottled khaki green and all of the torn and grubby detailing has been achieved with strategic shading and cutting. The shirt is fully removable.  

Remus is a one of a kind artist soft sculpture piece and the very first werewolf from Emma's Bears. We will not be using this exact design again, so he is truly and wonderfully unique. If you're happy to adopt a slightly less then perfect piece, then this fellow might be the man for you!? 


~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts and potential for damage ~*~

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