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Otto - Grey Curly Kid Mohair

  • $25.00 AUD

25mm Pile, Helmbold Kid Mohair

This is a very pretty piece of brand new 100% German mohair fur in a gorgeous grey. The pile is wavy and curly and super soft as it's made from Kid Mohair. (Kid mohair is made from baby goat hair, often their first haircut! This makes is silkier, and softer and cuddlier than regular mohair.) 

Photos have been taken in both the shade and direct sunlight to show the texture and shine on the pile. 

The following sizes are available via the drop down menu above:

new size** Fat 1/16 35cm x 25cm (14" x 10")

Fat 1/8m 50cm x 35cm (19" x 14" Inches)

Fat 1/4m 50cm x 70cm (19" x 28" Inches)

Long 1/2m Off the roll 50cm x 140cm (19" x 55" Inches)

Full 1m piece off the roll 100cm x 140cm (39" x 55" Inches) 

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