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Milly Mistletoe - 16" MOHAIR Artist baby style Panda Bear by Emma's Bears - OOAK

  • $450.00

Milly Mistletoe

By Emma and Mark Nicholson

16" (41cm)

1lb 11oz 

This stunning little lady is one of our baby bear range - specifically a newly revised version of our smaller 'premmie' style bears (bears that can be dressed in standard baby clothing so you can shop for their outfits yourself). Milly Mistletoe has been designed to be a little chunkier then our usual premmie bears, and subsequently fits small newborn sized outfits a little better. 

Milly has been made from two colours of the gorgeous Schulte 'curlylocks' style mohair - a factory dyed gold on a tan backing, and our own hand-dyed aqua/turquoise colouring. She looks out through over-sized black glass eyes and has a hand embroidered perle cotton nose in matching turquoise. 

Milly is fully T-pin jointed and stuffed well with polyfill and steel shot weighting. She has a non-weighted head so she is able to sit upright without trouble. Her hands and feet have been cut from trimmed back turquoise mohair and have hand-pulled 3D detailing. Her cute ivory lace dress is brand new 'Designer Kids' brand. She also wears a white hair clip in her fringe, and comes with a pale minty-aqua Christmas star decoration around her neck. She will also come with a disposable diaper (not shown in images) and her surprise companion toy, wrapped up as her very own Christmas present! 

Milly Mistletoe is a very detailed and cuddly one of a kind artist bear. Her friends can be found in their own listings. We can't guarantee that she'll make it to her new home in time for Christmas, but we will endeavour to sent her via the fastest postage option available within budget  :) 


~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts and potential for damage.

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