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Large Handmade Glass Dome Pendants - Assorted Styles

  • $6.00

These are gorgeous large sized glass dome pendants - hand assembled in house by us here at Fur Addiction. They look fantastic strung onto ribbon or cord to adorn your teddy bear. These particular pendants are a great for the larger sized teddy bears (or for yourself as well!) 

Two styles are available - assorted 'whimsy' prints on antique-brass floral frames, or assorted 'pink-ish' prints on silver-tone frames with twin-bird detailing on the back. Pieces will be selected at random from within each range, or from both styles if you choose the 10-pack. 

The antique-brass pendants measure approx 4.5cm x 4cm

The silver-tone pendants measure approx 3.3cm x 3cm 

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