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KITS - 7" Mohair Pup

$59.00 AUD
KITS - 7" Mohair Pup
KITS - 7" Mohair Pup
KITS - 7" Mohair Pup
KITS - 7" Mohair Pup
KITS - 7" Mohair Pup
KITS - 7" Mohair Pup
KITS - 7" Mohair Pup

KITS - 7" Mohair Pup

This is a great little kit to make up if you'd like a change from teddies. Super simple, but also super cute. 


This listing includes everything you need to make your own gorgeous 7" scruffy pup similar to the pup in the example photos with slightly darker ears and tail.


• 1 x fat 1/8m piece of antiqued ivory-cream straight pile mohair
• 1 x small piece of antiqued beige straight pile mohair 
• 1 x 50g bag of polyfill stuffing  
• 1 x pair of 10mm black glass eyes and ivory faux leather for eye whites 
• 1 x 15mm soft plastic safety nose (this pattern includes instructions on how to make your own sculpted polymer clay nose, but this kit doesn't include the clay. So the soft plastic nose is your alternative if you'd prefer to skip this step)
• some black DMC thread for embroidering the mouth
• a single 30mm joint for the head (2 x 30mm discs, a T-pin and washers)
• 100g of glass shot (for weighting the puppy feet to help him stand)
• And a get a copy of our brand new 'PUP' pattern

You will need your own shading medium, sewing thread and tools. If you’d like to sculpt your own nose (as outlined in the pattern instructions), you will just need to source some oven bake polymer clay - sold at most craft stores. 

Suitable for beginners and more intermediate bear makers who'd like to try nose-sculpting. 

Comes with simplified, step by step instructions and an image of the finished pup for reference.

All pieces are at correct size - no enlarging or reducing required.

All patterns are copied exactly from my personal stock and have been hand drawn and designed by me. They are also my well loved designs and have been tested on numerous occasions - So i know that they work! Seam allowances, openings. fur directions etc have been pre-marked on the pieces.

I am also totally ok with any bears made from my patterns being re-sold. Just reference the use of my pattern when describing/tagging the bear.

[Please note that the pup in the photos are simply examples of pups i have made using this pattern and are not included in the sale]

$59.00 AUD
Tax included.