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KIT - 21" Salem Faux Fur Teddy

  • $102.00 AUD

 Included in this kit: 

  • 1/4m piece of our 'Pepper Dash' faux fur 
  • 1/4m piece of our 'Onyx' faux fur 
  • 10 cm x 15cm piece of ivory long alpaca
  • a pair of black glass eyes - 20mm 
  • 60mm purple T-pin joint set 
  • piece of chestnut faux leather for paw pads and inner ears
  • chestnut DMC Perle cotton for the nose
  • Black DMC Perle cotton for the toes 
  • a gold-tone flower pendant 
  • And a copy of our brand new 21" Toddler Bear pattern

(You will need your own stuffing, tools, sewing thread, shading medium, eye-white fabric and any extra accessories desired. We recommend no more then 2kg of weight per bear, as they will feel a lot heavier than you expect!)

This kit is best for intermediate bear makers. The pattern is quite straightforward, but working with dense super soft faux fur can be a bit tricky if you haven't made a bear before. You will also need some experience with sewing for strength and durability and stuffing evenly, especially if you decide you'd like to weight your bear like a real baby. Instructions and a template are included for the pulled toe paw pad detailing as well.

Comes with simplified, step by step instructions and photo of the finished bear for reference.

All pieces are at correct size - no enlarging or reducing required.

All patterns are copied exactly from my personal stock and have been hand drawn and designed by me. They are also my well loved designs and have been tested on numerous occasions - So i know that they work! Seam allowances, openings. fur directions etc have been pre-marked on the pieces.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is a kit to make your own bear, this listing is NOT for a completed item. 

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