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Grizzly - Faux Fur - 2016

  • $14.00


This is a gorgeous new faux fur that has just arrived and is part of our range for the second half of 2016.  
The pile is quite long and dense at the base, with tapered guard hairs that give it a very real look. The pile measures 40-50mm in length.

*** Please note that this particular fabric does have some patches and swirls on the pile that appear to have been pushed back and have a change to the pile texture (slightly more course feeling). This is across the whole stock quantity so it will be unable to be avoided on some cut pieces. We will do our best to minimize this when cutting each piece, but the larger the piece the harder this will be! If this is not ok for your project, please don't purchase this fur. *** 

I can see this fabric making up into incredible teddy bears, home furnishings, fluffy hats, coats, or even cosplay suits. 

The knit backing is a very good quality and only has minimal stretch. 


The following sizes are available via the drop down menu above:

(measurements listed are the minimum sizes for each option - sometimes you may end up with a little extra fabric, especially on the full meter option as the width from selvage to selvage varies) 

Fat 1/8 50CM x 35CM (20" x 14" )

Fat 1/4 50CM x 70CM (20" x 28" )

Fat 1/2 100CM x 70CM (40" x 28" )

Long 1/2 50CM x 140CM (20" x 55")

Full 1m (100CM x 140CM (40" x 55")

Sample pieces are approx 10 cm x 15 cm ( 4" x 6" ) ** limit of one per transaction <


** If you have a custom size piece in mind or a bulk order enquiry, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us for a price.

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