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Double Thick Mohair - Hand Dyed TRIO of colours - Fat 1/6m pieces

  • $99.00

This listing includes three unusual but beautifully complementary colours of double thick mohair that would work beautifully either as a trio of bears, or used together patch-work/panda style on one larger bear.

We have a pretty mottled beige/rose coloured piece, a vibrant ginger/orange piece and a gorgeous aqua/turquoise coloured piece. (Please note that the ginger/orange piece has some unexpected dye marking on the backing - almost in the shape of a smiley face! Price has been reduced accordingly). 

This fur is so much fun! It has a double-thick mohair pile approx 12-13mm long, woven onto a quality Schulte backing. The effect of the extra thick tufts of mohair and the slight curl to the pile gives the fur a very textured, almost spikey look. We have one example bear and one pup made in this fur to show you how it can look made up


Beige/Rose piece measures approx 50cm x 56cm

Ginger/Orange piece measures approx 52cm x 46cm

Turquoise/Aqua piece measures approx 51cm x 45cm 

(All together you will be receiving just over half a meter of mohair). 

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