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Double Thick Mohair - Hand Dyed Rainbow - Fat 1/4m - MAY080

  • $68.00

This fur is so much fun! It has a double-thick mohair pile approx 12-13mm long, woven onto a quality Schulte backing. The effect of the extra thick tufts of mohair and the slight curl to the pile gives the fur a very textured, almost spikey look. We have one example bear made in this fur to show you how it can look made up. He is 16" tall, but I could see this fur making stunning little bears too!

This mohair is hand dyed using our own technique to create a very unique piece in crisp, clean rainbow colours that do not muddy into each other. The fun colour patterns mean you can create some very special bears. This is the exact same pile as used on our example bear in the photo - just a different dye batch. 

1 x fat 1/4m piece available (48cm x 68cm)

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