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Curly Viscose Wisteria Ash - 1/4m - JAN018

  • $56.00

This is luxury bear making at it's finest.

This viscose is the result of a unique dyeing experiment - the dye pot colouring was a deep olive green (see photo), yet this is piece of fur has ended up a gorgeous deep purple colour! All the pieces in the stack photo came from that same pot of murky colour!

German Viscose is a soft velvety short pile fur material that makes up into some gorgeous whimsical creatures. This is a thicker, longer, curlier viscose with a beautiful texture to the look and feel of the fabric. It can be used where you would normally use mohair for most designs, and works wonderfully for the mini bears as well.

Please use the images of the fur as a guide only - colours will appear different on each viewing device and this piece is so unique it will need to be seen in person to get the true colour. (Bear is an example of this exact style of viscose made up - but the dye batch was from an earlier run). 


ONLY 1 x fat 1/4m piece of this available (approx 47cm x 69cm).