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Curly Viscose - Natural Ivory White

  • $22.00 AUD

German Viscose is a soft velvety short pile fur material that makes up into some gorgeous whimsical creatures. This is a new range for Fur Addiction - a thicker, longer, curlier viscose with a beautiful texture to the look and feel of the fabric. It can be used where you would normally use mohair for most designs, and works wonderfully for the mini bears as well.

It also dyes up beautifully - and we have managed to create some lovely vibrant tones as well as more muted pastel tones, so it is quite versatile (photos of dyed curly viscose are for example only, and are not available for purchase here. The example photos of the bears are made in this exact curly viscose as well, dyed a variety of colours). 


The following sizes are available via the drop down menu above:

Fat 1/8 50CM x 35CM (20" x 14" Inches) 


Fat 1/4 50CM x 70CM (20" x 28" Inches) 

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