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Curly Kid Mohair - Hand Dyed Darkest Berry - Fat 1/4m - OCT011

  • $85.00 AUD

This is luxury bear making at it's finest!

This kid mohair is a piece of our 'Vibrant Verbena' fur that we have over-dyed using a dark olive green pigment. The result is still very much a pink/purple fur fabric, only much deeper and richer in colour with an almost brown-purple backing. This is a piece of our beautifully dense 25mm pile curly Helmbold kid mohair. 

Please use the images of the fur as a guide only - colours will appear different on each viewing device and this piece is so unique it will need to be seen in person to get the true colour. Example bears in the photo have been made in the exact same kid mohair type. but from a different coloured dye-batch.


ONLY 1 x fat 1/4m piece of this available (approx 68cm x 50cm). 

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