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Clumsy - 12" Hand-dyed Mohair and Alpaca Bear by Emma's Bears - OOAK

  • $370.00 AUD


By Emma and Mark Nicholson

12" (31cm)

Clumsy is a very unique kind of bear. She is completely experimental in the fact that she is the first bear I've ever made while testing the limits of my recently broken elbow! The whole process of making her was a gentle and slow journey, each step taken tentatively to see if it was even possible! But with each day of healing, it was possible, and this gorgeous little lady is the result.

She has been made in a design we drew up over 15 years ago, so is a little more quirky then some of our more modern pieces! She has big over-sized feet, long curved arms and the cutest little face. She is made from three different mohair fabrics - hand-dyed purple curly kid mohair for her face and body, tipped pink mohair for her arms and outer ears, and hand-dyed pink/purple alpaca for her legs and inner ears. Her cheeks are ivory alpaca and her big foot pads are baby-pink versed mohair. 

Clumsy looks out through big black glass eyes and we've hand embroidered her nose in a matching baby pink DMC cotton. She wears a sweet rose-gold tone butterfly clip by her ear, and comes with her own white cotton sling (fully removable - and her arm isn't really broken! lol). 

Clumsy is a one of a kind artist bear. 


~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts and potential for damage


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