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Chelsea's Fur - Hand Dyed Short Sparse Mohair - 1/8m - JAN023

  • $28.00

This mohair is extra special - it has been hand-dyed by our 7yr old daughter. Hand-dyeing mohair is one of her favourite parts of the bear-making process, so we let her have free choice of her colours and design. She is excited to see if her work will sell, and we have promised her a commission if it does!  

This is a piece of our short, sparse and textured 16mm pile mohair. 

Please use the images of the fur as a guide only - colours will appear different on each viewing device and this piece is so unique it will need to be seen in person to get the true colour.

ONLY 1 x fat 1/8m piece of this available (approx 50cm x 35cm)