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Bubbles - 9" Long-pile Alpaca Artist Bear by Emma's Bears - OOAK

  • $310.00 AUD


By Emma and Mark Nicholson

9" (23cm)

Bubbles is such a chubby little bubby! She has been made from a mix of our ivory white and musk pink long pile alpaca fur. The musk pink fur has a stunning dark chocolate backing, so we've trimmed back her paws and feet to show off the colouring on her cute 3D pulled toes and fingers. To match in with this dark chocolate colouring we've given Bubbles a cute chocolate hand-embroidered DMC perle thread nose and some chocolate shading behind her big black glass eyes as well. 

Bubbles is fully T-pin jointed and stuffed with a mix of polyfill, glass and enclosed steel shot. She comes with just a touch of 'bling' in the form of her fully removable butterfly hairclip. 

Bubbles is a one of a kind artist bear as made by Emma's Bears (ie, we won't be making this exact bear again), but we do have kits available (while this alpaca is still in stock) if you'd like to have a go at making your own version though. Just check out our KITS section. 


~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts and potential for damage


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