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Baby Sweetpea - 17in MOHAIR Artist Newborn baby Bear by Emmas Bears - OOAK

  • $440.00 AUD

Baby Sweetpea 

By Emma and Mark Nicholson

17" (45cm)

Name: Sweetpea Honey-Pot
Born: 19/10/15
Time: 9:49pm
Weight: 4lb 1oz

This beautiful little lady has been inspired by those gorgeous 'reborn' realistic baby dolls. Sweetpea is 'real newborn' size, measuring in at 47cm long and over 4lbs in weight. The weighting has been evenly distributed throughout her body with a mix of glass and steel shot in her head, tummy, arms and legs. She's fully jointed with a slightly wobbly neck joint. Combined with her heavy head, this gives Sweetpea very realistic feel when you pick her up. You won't need to support her head as much as some of our 'younger' baby bears, and Sweetpea is also able to sit upright. 

Sweetpea has been made from a luxury piece of long pile German mohair in a rich honey-gold with fine, silky curls. She looks out through big dark deluxe glass eyes with faux suede whites and has a hand embroidered black cotton nose. We've needle sculpted her paw pads and shaded them with silk-dye to give her a stylized 3D toe effect. 

Sweetpea wears a brand new, fully removable, size 0000 'Baby Baby' brand pink layered dress onesie with built-on 'bloomers' that have snap fastners between the legs, and a sweet little Winne the Pooh newborn sized disposable nappy. She also comes with her brand new crinkle-eared lemon and white teddy comforter made by designer baby company 'Max & Tilly'.

Baby Sweetpea Honey-Pot is a very detailed cuddly and heavy one of a kind artist bear.

~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts (eyes) and potential for damage (excessive limb twisting/ busted seams etc) – however child safe versions can be custom made and I would think that the bears would be fine with sensible, gentle children (yes – I am sure they exist!) Convo me if you have any concerns. ~*~


'Sweetpea' will be posted via express post international outside of Australia - allow 3 - 6 working days for her arrival 

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