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Antique Brass - Faux Fur - 2K17

  • $13.00

'Antique Brass' 

This is a gorgeous new faux fur that has just arrived and is part of our 2017 range. 

The pile on this piece is a deliciously dense 25-35mm long, incredibly shiny antique brass colour with a deeper backing and base pile and a super fine black tip. The overall effect is gives a soft, realistic look that changes colour depending on how the light is hitting it (all photos below were taken in the same location just holding the fur in different angles!). 

Perfect for use on projects where you need a fabric that will stand out from the crowd. The knit backing is a very good quality and only has next to no stretch. 


ONLY LIMITED SIZES AVAILABLE via the drop down menu above:

Fat 1/8 50CM x 35CM (20" x 14" Inches)

Fat 1/4 50CM x 70CM (20" x 28" Inches)

Fat 1/2 100CM x 70CM (40" x 28" Inches)


** If you have a custom size piece in mind or a bulk order enquiry, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us for a price.

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