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Angel - 16" mohair angelwing artist panda bear by Emmas Bears - OOAK

  • $420.00 AUD

By Emma and Mark Nicholson
16" (41cm)


Angel is a stunning big panda bear with very pretty white feather angel wings and a matching headband. She is made from a mix of curly white kid mohair and a very dense,very wavy beige mohair/viscose blend fur as well. She looks out through black glass eyes and has a hand embroidered nose with silk-dye shading. 

Angel is fully T-pin jointed and stuffed with a mix of steel shot and polyfill (she is quite heavy). Her paw pads are also cut from the silky dense mohair/viscose fur, and she has hand sculpted and shaded fingers and toes.

Angel wears a fully removable pair of white feather angel wings (just held on with elastic around her shoulders) and an over-sized white satin headband bow.

She is a gorgeous, one of a kind artist creation.  


~*~ Please Note that these bears are designed to be Adult Collectables and not intended for infants and young children due to small parts (eyes) and potential for damage (excessive limb twisting/ busted seams etc) – however child safe versions can be custom made and I would think that the bears would be fine with sensible, gentle children (yes – I am sure they exist!) Convo me if you have any concerns. ~*~

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