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Digital PATTERN - 6" Candy bear

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Have you always loved teddy bears, and thought that you might like have a go at making one of your own??? Then why not give one of these guys a go!?


These little bears are a DELIGHT to make! They're especially wonderful if you've made a few bears already and are familiar with the tediousness of having to sew paw pads, insert eyes and attach ears!

In this design, the ears are sewn in as part of the head - not after the bear has been turned and stuffed. This cuts down a lot of time. The feet don't have paw pads either, you just trim the bottom of the foot to give the illusion of a pad - also cutting down on time and eliminating that fiddly step. And the head shape is designed to work well with safety eyes - meaning they can be inserted safely before stuffing, but will still come out looking even/straight. 

This is also a great way to use up some of your scraps! 

To make this bear you will need:
* 1/16m piece of mohair or short-pile faux fur (or scraps of fur to the equivalent size)
* 12-13mm joint set
* 9mm black safety eyes
* approx 50-100g of stuffing 
* approx 50g of bead weights (if desired)
* fine embroidery thread for nose/paw detail

Suitable for beginner bear making skills as a lot of the tricky steps have been designed out.

Comes with simplified, step by step instructions and photo of the finished bear for reference. 

All pieces are at correct size - no enlarging or reducing required.

All patterns are copied exactly from my personal stock and have been hand drawn and designed by me. They are also my well loved designs and have been tested on numerous occasions - So i know that they work! Seam allowances, openings, fur directions etc have been pre-marked on the pieces. 

You will receive an emailed PDF file copy of the pattern pieces, photos and instructions. 

*** Please note that the bears in the photos are simply examples of bears i have made using this pattern and are not included in the sale ***

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