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Super Curls - dense ivory Schulte mohair

  • $45.00 AUD

27mm Pile, Super dense Schulte curly Mohair

This is a very pretty piece of brand new 100% mohair fur in a natural ivory white. The pile is wavy and curly and super dense. The curl tightens after the fabric has been dyed. This is the best of the best when it comes to bear making fabrics!

The following sizes are available via the drop down menu above:

Fat 1/8 50CM x 35CM (20" x 14")

Fat 1/4 50CM x 70CM (20" x 28")

1/2 Mtr Off the roll 50CM x 140CM (20" x 55")

Full 1m piece 100cm x 140cm (40" x 55")

*** Last photos show how this mohair looks when dyed, and how it can look made up as a bear ***

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