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Special Huckleberry Bear T-Pin Joint Set

  • $5.90 AUD

Wooden disk joint set used in jointing the arms, legs and head for use with our 'Huckleberry Bear' pattern. 

(These are the exact same joints I use on my bears. And after years of bear making, this is the hardware I find the easiest to use, and the most versatile. The 'T' aspect of the pin stops it from pulling through the disk like cotter-pins often do when a lot of pressure is placed on them. This also means that you CAN get a very tight joint if you need your bear to be able to stand. You can also get a looser joint that's just as secure, which is perfect for making floppy bears/older style bears.) 

The set contains:

2 x 45mm wooden disks (for neck joint)

8 x 60mm wooden disks (for limbs)

5 x T-pins and 5 x washers 

Set comes with instructions and diagram for assembly. 


*** Image is just for attention, not an image of the actual joint sizes here

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