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Order YOUR Custom Emma's Bears Creation

  • $20.00

*** Please read through the information listed below before purchasing this custom order place holder ***


Hey everyone - just letting you all know that as of New Years Eve this year (31st December) we will be closing our custom order wait list. 

There's plenty of time to still snap up a spot if you'd like a custom bear made in 2019, but once we close the list we won't be opening it again until the earliest. We will still be making bears for general adoption throughout this time and hope to be able to produce some new designs. even though the wait list is being closed at the end of this year, all orders placed before then will be honoured 

Thanks again for all of the orders!


If you've found this listing, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on one of our Emma's Bears teddies?
We very rarely have any ready-made bears available for sale these days, as they tend to be adopted as soon as they are completed (for which we are so honoured and grateful!). So to make sure you don't miss out, we have put together this custom order place holding fee to secure your spot on our wait list. 
The process is outlined below:
*Step 1 - please read through all of the steps before purchasing. The custom spot holding fee is non-refundable. 
* Step 2 - Please keep in mind that we cannot replicate bears (most of our sold bears are one of a kind pieces), but we can take elements from our previous bears that you love to create your own one of a kind art piece. 
* Step 3 - Find at least 2-3 photos of your most favourite Emma's Bears to show us what style appeals to you - this will help us understand what you'd like in your bear. Once we have a good idea of size/fur type and style we can give you a price quote. 
* Step 4 - Please understand that we cannot create to very specific detail requests as each bear has it's own magic that emerges during the crafting process. When we try to force a design element in a specific direction that isn't best for the individual bear, the results can be less then ideal. In saying that, there is never any obligation for you to purchase a completed custom bear if it isn't what you had in mind. 
* Step 5 - If all of the steps above are satisfactory, and you would like to lock in a custom order, we just require a non-refundable deposit of AUD$20 - which can be purchased with this listing. This will be deducted from the adoption fee of the finished bear once it is completed.
* Step 6 - We will contact you within 24hrs of purchase of this custom spot holding fee (if we haven't already been in contact) to confirm the booking, and the approx wait time (currently around 10 months). To get a feel for our usual price range feel free to browse through our other sold out bear listings - prices are still visible on each sold bear. 
~ Photos included here are just examples of some of our designs ~

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